"Vices" lyrics



I'm forgetting who I am
But it's alright, I've got to calm my nerves
I jumped in too quick, I guess I got what I deserved
With every slip downhill, I go faster and faster
My hands are tied, I'm heading straight for disaster

Vices got a hold of me
It's so plain to see
It's so far out in my head
That's my vices master plan

I guess we all have ours
I'm too hard on myself
And my pride's too big, I can't ask for help
'Cause I know inside, I've got this on my own
Gotta be hard, head to toe

I got this feeling now, it's time to sin
'Cause the weight of the world has got me down again

Another one against me, and that's just fine
'Cause I ain't gonna quit until I get mine

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