"Other Side of the Dirt" lyrics


"Other Side of the Dirt"

One last chance so give it up
or I'll show you the deal and let you know what's up
And when the dust clears it's me they'll applaud
'Cause now the world knows you're a fraud

Just let me know

I can't wait until the day your boys drop you
That day is surely to come
We'll be waiting at the gates like a pack of wolves
Just waiting to get some

Ditch that bad seed if you know what I'm saying
Put those thoughts in the ground
I ain't playing
It's been too long playing the same old games
But those same games, man
Got so lame

Just let me know if you need my help
I'll put those thoughts to sleep by myself

The bitter chill before we seek you out
Expose the truth in what you're all about
Who is gonna save your soul
You'll be waiting a long time if you leave it to someone else
Who's gonna save your soul
You'll dwell on the other side of the dirt

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