"Half Empty" lyrics


"Half Empty"

The future is dark and unsure
Out of control
Can't prepare for what's in store
So wake up and see the truth or things won't improve
Being reckless, caught up real quick
Can't have it all forever
Things aren't like they used to be
Not like I remember

When it rains it pours
Slow death, you can't ignore
It must be nice to write the rules
They take all your trust and your money and they play you like fools
It's the same ones who poison us everyday
They got nothing to say as long as it's done their own way
Power and corruption go hand in hand
Gotta lay it out for all to see
I found it out the hard way
But nothing worth having comes easy for me

When it rains, it pours
Slow death, you can't ignore

They say America's dying slow
It's death seemed rather quick to me
Spirits hit an all time low
You don't have to look too far to see
Abandon all hope and just play your part
Set up for failure straight from the start
Our loss is their gain no matter what they say
Their system brought me nothing but pain

Cheat the system every chance you get
'Cause they do it to you
We never had a chance, no one to put our faith into
I can't be on top if they keep bringing me down
I gotta keep my mind right and things will come back around
Point more fingers, yeah, I know how you do
Spin the truth, I see through you

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