"Home Is Where The Hate Is" lyrics


"Home Is Where The Hate Is"

home is where the hate is

[Verse 1]
i'm just looking at my bedroom door
it bores me, i don't know what life's for
this town sux, i wanna leave right now
but i got nowhere to go
I got no money and i'd like to go out
to the rock cafe to watch some bands and mess about
but i can't, so i have to just stay in
and listen to c.d's

i don't like it here anymore
i can't stand this town

let me leave, why can't i leave
to be someone
i've gotta go, when can i go
to do something
fuck this place, i'm leaving now
to be myself
MAybe i won't be back

[Verse 2]
i wanna go far, and get away from here
to play music, and make a point thats clear
to someone, who feels the same as me
but that won't happen soon
the bridge days are gone
they allways seemed too cold
the arches have died that place just got too old
safeways no safe, you can't skate there anymore
it's just the way it is

[Verse 3]
i feel in danger, when i walk the streets alone
i don't love it, when people steals my phone
you can't stop it, so i have to leave this town
and i never will come back

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