"Trip" lyrics



The trip with nothing.
I felt sweet every day, and even a pain was good.
Many meetings and partings.
Many friends had been next to me before I knew it.
The day was passing.
One day, I bent my eyes to myself in a mirror.
I was proud of laughing with my friends.

We will go on pursuing after the light.
In the heavy rain, I repeat a hardship.
But I look for something that begin from there.
In the head wind, I repeat a setback.
The sun will set with us, and the darkness will come.
But the sun will light up us before long.
The sun rises before long.

I'm charged with more hurt, as many steps as I walked until now.
I found I'm not alone.
The joy is in my mind.
The endless days go on.

Thanks to Powdercake for these lyrics

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