"The Brilliant Future" lyrics


"The Brilliant Future"

We are in this world that is likely to break.
Now, what is reflected in your eyes of mind?

Don't forget to face the matters to get back the present.
What we drew at that time is not our thirsty scene.
Don't run away from disappearing to get back the present.
We continue to run anytime for the brilliant future.

This world had to be pulled back.
I'm not satisfied, and the thirst is increasing.
The limit is coming soon.
I cannot erase my full emotion.
How do you face a presentation like a brain wash?

Everyday the reality are created by myself and also yourself.
A change will not come if you want to leave it up to others.
I'm not interested in fuckin' delusion and illusion.
A real will not come if you want to leave it up to dreams.

Thanks to Powdercake for these lyrics

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