"Strings" lyrics



If I reach and take it, it's gone again.
Even my heart cannot carry well.
After all, our promised stays itself.
You go away again also today.
I kept looking for the place which needs myself.
I kept wondering without my goal.
I found you who same as myself.
We cannot go back to yesterday.
You go away again today.

My feelings only runs my cheek.
Callings it readiness is fragile.
I could not forgive myself.
I found my tears went away.
I was thinking about the last excuse.
The next moment only you reached out to me.
If my wish will come true.
I want you to reach out to me.

So as not to part forever,
We tied the string between you and me.
We did over the misunderstanding.
Our strings untied without notice.
If I would tie it again, it cannot.
Surely, it's forever.

Thanks to Powdercake for these lyrics

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