"Burn Down" lyrics


"Burn Down"

The government go on building their society. It's good for them only.
Only the civilian are made to pay their bill. Where is justice?
People call you the wrongdoer 'cause you had expressed the regret.
If we do nothing as it is, our days will be taken away.

Clench your fist, and raise your shout.
Stand up, and raise your shout.
Don't be afraid of destruction.

Burn down the world they are addicted to the desire.
If you have what you don't want to lose, get a courage you can start from nothing.

What do you live for?
I don't want to be decided by anyone.
It's all up to us.
We have no time to cry anymore.
This place has rotted down, we're here.
This can be saved by no one but you.
What do you live for?
We have no time to cry anymore.

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