"Simple Wishes" lyrics


"Simple Wishes"

This morning I’ll lie in again
Instead of getting up I’ll dream again
There’s a place inside my head
And a face I could never forget
Both of these are nonexistent
There just a few simple wishes

Perfect hair and Shining smile (Take me away)
Will take my mind off life for a while
Your so what I need in every way

I’m taking a break from what is real
Have you felt how I feel?

My eyelids shut (closed from the world)
Minds eye wide (open to you)
You give me (comfort in darkness!)

This morning I’ll sleep in again
Nevermind working I’ll ditch again
Cause all I can see right now
Is you and me in a foreign town
Visions are nothing but visions
They’re just a few simple wishes

Childish rumors high school drama seems to disappear
When I’m surrounded by your perfect presence

I’m taking a break from what is real
You don't know how I feel

This place would be like something few and far between
And you and me is like something straight out of a dream
And you’re so perfect in my head
You’re perfect
But only in my head
So perfect
Wish you existed

Someday I’ll find you
I’ll find you

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