"Last But Not Least" lyrics


"Last But Not Least"

My Eyes tear the shade of red
I won't ever see you again
I guess it's for the best
because I never want to see you with him

My Ears bleed the shade of red
I won't ever hear you again
I'll never hear you say that you love him

My Nose runs the shade of red
I'll never smell your sweet perfume
"Happy Days" have all gone by
These happy days aren't yours and mine

What do you do
When all you can do is wake up and die?
And what do I do
When every single song I hear reminds me of you?

Why do I keep doing this to myself
I'm asking these questions
I'll keep staring and screaming up into the sky
Until I find you

My Mouth bleeds the shade of red
I won't ever taste your lips
Those "cotton candy" kisses of death

Last but not Least
I won't ever touch your skin
Just one last touch but you've been contaminated
So never again

Thanks to nathan for these lyrics

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