"Amanda's Poem About Unicorns" lyrics


"Amanda's Poem About Unicorns"

imagining you being asleep
lids embracing beautiful brown eyes

wake you from your dreams
i yearn for you to look at me
i become stained with memories and
pictures and thoughts of you

i revel in your soothing touch
you flow through me, and i beg
not to escape. permeating my pores
whetting my appetite for more

lend me your soul and show me what you see
let me feel what you feel
reveal your secrets to me
guide me through the deepest corners
of your body and soul

my fingers touch the back of your neck, your cheeks, and i swear, even the
moonlight does not have skin this soft.

the snap of your laughter
the bite of your wit

you are mind soaring
you speak to me in dreams
and follow me like shadows

so to hell with heaven
you're here for now and that's all
i need that's all.

Thanks to Rick vanravenhorst for these lyrics

Thanks to michele for correcting these lyrics

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