"Already Missing The Train" lyrics


"Already Missing The Train"

Well I'm afraid
I've fallen in this deep abyss again

I'm so sick
Pretending this is another game

I've been busy watching the sky
Instead of seeing what is right before of my eyes

I can barely watch my own step
Tripping over the same stone all over again
I want to go back to the moment I left
To believe I wasn't guilty of my own end

Is it my heart beating what I hear?
I'm getting out of breath again
What will be of me?
Is this a caprice, or an unsatisfied need?

I've been deceiving myself with what I've always known
I can't complain because no one knows
And surely, they don't want to be told
And surely, they don't want to be told

Please tell me when I'm supposed to catch the train
I don't want to miss it with all this rain

I've been busy asking to the stars
When I know I'm not going to depart
Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh
Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh

Please tell me if I'm going to depart

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