"Safe Words" lyrics


"Safe Words"

kung fu

you need a safe word 'cause you never know when
someone might do things that you're not ok with
a signal's needed to define your limit
get out of almost any situation

gorilla biscuits
sarah palin

you've gotta get yourself a word to use when
you don't think you can take the pain anymore
or you're freaked out because you're suffocating
or when you really need to use the bathroom

now sue, what do you say when someone's doing something to you that you don't want them to?

don't stop please
please don't stop

no more
no ... more

get off of me
get off in me

you see sue, a lot of words can have different meanings in different situations
you need to choose a word that won't be mistaken for something else

pearl necklace?
that's when a guy cums on your neck

chili dog?
that's when you take a shit on a girl's chest
and then titty fuck her

tea bag?
nut sac

snowball ... s n o w b a l l
a snowball is when someone blows a load into your mouth
but you don't swallow it, instead you share the cum with another person
by spitting it into their mouth
... snowball

we're gonna help you find a word that you want
forget when you are getting violated
a word that doesn't have another meaning
or any sexual interpretation

al al zeto
the jeffersons?

ok ... gerbil's your word

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