"Sober" lyrics



Local drunks they work so hard
to stay unemployed and drunk.
Set sail for a better life,
that ship has already sunk.

And even though he promises
he'll turn his life around.
He says "Fuck you"
and buys another round.

Being drunk is fun.
Being drunk is cool.
Being drunk is sad,
when you're sixty-two.

Local drunks they
never have to try anymore.
Why pay rent and why take tests,
when life is such a bore.

Paper boats of memories,
drown slowly in alcohol.
He says "Oh yeah well,
fuck you all!"

Being drunk is fun,
when you're twenty one.
Being drunk is cool,
when you're still in high school.
Being drunk is sad,
when you're sixty-two.

When you're sixty-two.
Unless that works for you.

Thanks to Sinke for these lyrics

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