"Cuntspiracy" lyrics



I come from the land of greed and hate,
A fate I can't escape.
I got so high, and I never felt so low
did what I was told, and I lost my soul.

I'll admit, once upon a time,
I fell in line just to get laid.
And I regret every choice I made,
was not what I had in my head.

I am the son of thieves and whores.
A broken mind behind these doors,
A throat without its chords.
a lack of a „me“,
expressed in nationality,
pumpin' through their veins
and I am ashamed.

Fuck you and die, I don't want to be a part
of a criminal design.
I regret, every choice I made,
was not what I had in my head.

Drug after drug, shot after shot.
I do believe that everything's our fault.
Thousands of poster kids screaming
Sell me.
Fuck you and die.

Thanks to Sinke for these lyrics

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