"Treehead Woodfist" lyrics


"Treehead Woodfist"

As I journeyed into the Dark Wood ahead
Seeking the scroll and fighting undead
I came across a foe extra strong, extra fast
I wondered just how long my party would last
Checked my potions and my mana reserves
When suddenly...a sound we all heard
The brute approached fast,
arrived with a crash
He opened his mouth and said with a laugh..

Treehead Woodfist
cannot resist
Treehead Woodfist
Damn, what a sweet ass [x2]

He lives in the trees, eating necros and leaves
Comes from a land that is filled with disease
In a game with no equal
Spawn of a world that needed no sequel
Swung my blade, direct hit to the gizzard
In a time when I had more faith in blizzard

Thanks to Rock Dunbar for these lyrics

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