"Hold On To Your Butts" lyrics


"Hold On To Your Butts"

Cause I had a slice of provolone cheese
and now I'm plugged up more than I'd like to believe
Then quite the contrary the next day
I swallowed some protists and ate some really bad eggs
When my bowels explode it's not easy to think,
but when I do it seems to revolve around you
After my hemorrhoids subside
it is more applicable to reflect on such "shitty" lives

Hold on to your butts
With any luck they'll just kill us all off

I'll wait until the day our population bomb
goes off while we're still stuck in the city
When our lungs can't suck in the atmosphere
will we continue to just shit everywhere?
We really are just animals, with intellect,
rivaled by idiocy
I'd like to have faith in our principles,
but going green trends have done no good

Maybe if our large intestines
just stopped absorbing water
maybe we'd start to care
when our diarrhea is everywhere

Hold on to your butts
With any luck they'll just kill us all off
Does anyone sense the irony of disease killing disease?

Thanks to Rock Dunbar for these lyrics

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