"Youth On Paper" lyrics


"Youth On Paper"

The kids will write a play tonight. ALl they'll do is sit on their behinds. Watch the stage light slip until they fade.

'But when I met you I had nothing baby,' said the protagotist to his leading lady. As you turn the page the ink's still drying out, because it's a tradegy full of empathy, where the damsel in distress turned me to stone you see. Categorically, it's a critic's dream-sold out! You'll see.

They are slipping further away. The kids will write a play tonight and all they they'll thank is thought of happiness.

Fade away. It's like you always said:I'm not here. That's something in your head. It could not be just what you want ti to. Like they say a thing that you can do, just fade away.

Thanks to Leppy for these lyrics

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