"So Glad" lyrics


"So Glad"

Everything is crashing down on my head over and over again.
When the devil came knocking at your front door step,
You never should have let her in.
But you did and now you're sad.
Do, do, do...

So you did, but you're not dead.
Do, do, do...

There was a time where I'd drive a million miles
To hear your heartbeat,
But your colors changed.
Today I'm gonna walk the sand
Just to see your cold heart sink.

So I did and I'm so glad.
(Do, do, do...)
So I did, and your now dead.
(Do, do, do...)

As the cold steel releases
Part of me.
I hope your cold heart will stop this beat I'm remembering.
As the cold steel releases,
I hope your cold will stop this pain.
I'm remembering this agreement used to be here.

So I did, and now you're sad.
(Do, do, do...)
And I did, but your not dead.
(Do, do, do...)
So I did and I'm so glad.
(Do, do, do...)
So I did, and now your dead.
(Do, do, do...)

We-- We all, we all belong down here

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