"Out Of Balance (Koyaanisqatsi)" lyrics


"Out Of Balance (Koyaanisqatsi)"

The faces will never change
We're programmed with lost souls
The visions that are erased
Will come back to haunt us all
Your faces will never change
Can't slow down a fast world
The decisions that we have made
Have come back to haunt us all

All I could say is 'we're in for nasty weather'
All I can say is 'We're in for shaky ground'

You got everything you want
And everything you need
And my sanity, you bleed
It's like you're wearing a mask
Cause you're hiding the fact
You can't live in your own skin

It's shaking.. me down..

This lesson's a hard one
I hope you will survive
It just takes a little time
And all your pain will fade

Right, they haunt us all
That's right,
What's mine is mine.

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