"Killadelphia" lyrics



I won't conform for anyone and I don't need your sympathy.
I'm spending my life under this black cloud that always follows me.
I've been lying to everyone, I've been lying to myself.
And I will call your bluff on every card that you've been dealt.

Now I know where I can go
To scream and to vent 'cause
Everyday is a hell of a ride
But they're all heaven sent.

We'll never know
If this path we lead will take us home
We'll never know
If this hear that beats we'll call our own
We'll never know
What's the come and what to make of it
We'll never know
But we'll keep moving for the sake of it.

I'll take deeper breaths and longer steps
'Cause only I can tell what's best.
I won't sit still or second guess
I'll pull myself out from this mess.
Am I crazy for taking chances,
Never giving them second glances?
I could never slow or stop,
I'd rather fly than keep my feet planted.

And I can't live on anyone's terms but my own.
I've spent my whole life searching and finally found my home.
Now we know where we can go
To scream and to vent 'cause,
Everyday is a hell of a ride but they're all heaven sent.

Life is finally on my side.

And we forget sometimes what shows true significance
And we spend all our time waiting in suspense
And we waste away our lives trying to just get by
But when you really stop and think, we're doing fine.

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