"A Story From The Bottom Of The Sea" lyrics


"A Story From The Bottom Of The Sea"

When I was young
I had a dream
That I was floating
In a submarine

I steered it left and right
Through darkest days and
Endless evil empty nights

Then I fell quickly
To the bottom of the bottom of the sea
The sea

And I began to terrorize
The creatures that had frightened me

I came upon an empty shell
Along a beach
Where an ex-creature dwelled

I took the shell and tried it on
It held me captive
It imprisoned me

I tried to run
I tried to escape
But the shell it dragged me down

I spent the next 300 years
Holding my breath until I drowned

Everyone will one day hit the ground
Why will I run
When I can hide
No better place
Than deep inside

Hesitate until there is no
The walls are comforting
The sting of skin is sinking deep inside

Paranoia's really got me down
I will begin to sleep
And tell myself I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid

I will not be afraid

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