"Up Inside" lyrics


"Up Inside"

Everything has fallen apart tonight
All the souls and the demons come alive
In a dreamlike state, erase my mind
Falling on deaf ears
And I know that all we ever were
Empty stories that were never heard
Looking back seven years, scenes blur
Losing myself here

As the memories fade into the blue
We’ll discover a brand new truth
It’s in the way that you want this, too
Up inside
As the memories fade I’ll fail to prove
That it’s shown by the way we move
And I know you want to see this through
Up inside

Everyone has fallen and stood tonight
And they’ve lied their way through broken lives
In a fashioned scene to save a line
Throwing out our fears
All the days spent in a false belief
Shed a light on the crooks and thieves
If I could find two words, I’d whisper brief
Screaming so sincere

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