"Struggle And Sleep" lyrics


"Struggle And Sleep"

At what age do we forget to dream?
When we lose it all and everything
Begins to make no sense when you’re around
And believe, they say we struggle and sleep
As the colors fade and then recede
Into a dark abyss, the answers are never found
In a depressing, sharp decline
We sat and watched the few divine
Begin extorting for the greater good
In a world that’s lost beneath itself
We’ve slipped into a bottomless hell
This whole scenario is fucked and misunderstood

Well I miss it, the old road
Where the fence met with the willows
And our first kiss lit the town hall
Like a firework, and then time stalled
I remember every promise
Every wish sent to the prophets
How the dreams were like candles
Burning at both ends

I’ve been down that road, the great divide
Eyes dim, swerving through the faded lines
At odds against my one and only fear
If we could remove ourselves tonight
Take back all the bullshit little white lies
We’d find there’s so much more than false endears

Thanks to Justin for these lyrics

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