"Revelation" lyrics



The world seems to be darker
It's scary and unnerving
It's barren and deserted
Past the point of reconciling
And walking by so lonely
In the shadows of our fathers
Breaks the weight of all our burdens
Opens doors we never bothered

All along hidden without this
Looking up at the rings of light
Spanning out over all we know
When they came for us
Overwrought by the siren's call
Searching through for a vagrant sign
It was then that we understood
Why they came for us

There's something in the water
It's creeping and unsettling
It's empty and depleted
Just beyond our new beginning
And walking by so slowly
Past the footsteps on the altar
Helps to shed the light that's within
On this path we cannot conquer

Help me I have fallen
Help me start to see
Help me through this blinding madness
Help me find serenity

Thanks to Justin for these lyrics

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