"Laws Of Gravity" lyrics


"Laws Of Gravity"

We don’t need no pants
We don’t need no pants
Cause all we need is a funky rhythm
And a movement about your ass!

Today kids, we learn the rules and laws of gravity. Enjoy!

Here we go! Yeah!
Don’t lie you’re in denial in what you’re about
And how you feel
Explains the mess you present to this world
Don’t shed a tear you’ve got nothing to fear
Coz no-ones here
So why the long face
You look so dead it has to be said
So go and hide away

Dark sides and all those nights
We were out having fun
You stayed in and did nothing
Do you see what’s wrong?

Gonna make something of myself someday

Get up
Get out
Get outta this place…

Breathe out but please just let me in
I’ve been knocking my head against this wall
And I get this kinda feeling

You’re going nowhere fast
Do you think this trend will ever last
Sometimes you’ve got to let go
Of all the things which you have lost
And all they things which they forgot about you
They will never know

I’ve been here way too many times
Telling these stories and hearing lies
But now I gotta say
Gonna make something of myself someday

Thanks to williamsjk for these lyrics

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