"I'm High" lyrics


"I'm High"

so what's going on today
you're sitting in your room and you're blazing away
got a light? I've got a bong
how about we go light the bowl just like Cheech and Chong

Hey what's playing on your mind
i'm sure it'll fade away if you just give it time
not too tight but really strong
i think it's time for you to pass the spliff along
to me

now skin up right, let's get high as a kite
nobody is in sight so just roll
now toke it down lets get dope inside your sound
nobody is around
you're living on a cloud

what do you have to say?
about my life
what do you have to say?

there's not a problem with the way i live
i'm so high in the sky
i'm so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
in the sky

light up let's go
it's the only place
i wanna wanna know
what you're thinking
have you ever found a cause to believe in?

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