"The Valley" lyrics


"The Valley"

Until my hollow bones are filled I toss and turn at the mercy of the wind. Can you heal my soul? Can you fix my bones? I feel my outsides waste away. Can the spark inside be fanned into flame? Can you heal my soul? Can you find me air? This is what, what it must mean to feel alive. The light has reached my eyes in the valley. Here it burns, but I don't burn away. My God if you have found me, let me see your face. It's not safe, but it's so good. Hey Oh. Turn me inside out 'cause I'm just a shell of a man. And maybe I still wonder. And maybe I still wonder how I got this shadow that keeps pulling on me every single step that I take. It makes me prone to wander. So you can pull him under ground. Where you lay. Where you entered the gates for my sake. How ugly was your face in that moment? But how beautiful you are to me always. You won't relent until you have it all. This is love that knows no ends. You have given your life to me and my friends. You won't hear his voice in the streets. A bruised reed he will not break. It's not safe, but it's so good. It's not safe, but it's all good. With each passing wind the leaves twist and turn, like forgotten souls in an unmarked world. Once was I lost, once was I found. Until the days mark my end I will love you. Until the king reveals his glorious thread to a people lost in the wind, twisting and turning again.

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