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I raise my hands. Like a javelin in a lightning storm. The hunger pounds like a drum to our heads. Heart started stoppin' so just shock me with an AED. A nicotine fix my heart itch consumes me. Bring us into life. Bring us into life.I'm alive, I can feel, I can taste, for the first time. I'm alive, I can feel, I can see, I don't feel dead. No one gazes me and lives. No one lives until they die. Once alone but not again. I'm your's until the end. No one understands the weight that I bore. Closed my eyes and I tasted death for every orphan everywhere and alcoholic millionaires. I'm yours until the end. So can you look at me now, and to the people who we once were? We used to carry this guilt on our backs. Live by the sword and learn to smile with your throat. Blood on our hands, but can't you see that's over? I've made countless attempts to postpone my impending failure. So cut with your imminent glory and break off the millstone around my neck. Now I can see you sunk your claws into the dirt, shifting orbits, drinking oceans, lifting valleys to my feet. But I took to my boats and I tasted sunken paths. I Wound myself into the low and called the waters to their shores. Again you fought to bring me home and lifted low to spire. Rebuked the seas for heeding me and drained them once again. I'll do anything to see, so as I die make it slow. I swear I'll leave this earth in a wide eyed drunken stare.

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