"It's In Our Blood" lyrics


"It's In Our Blood"

Beyond The Bridge of the Gods I caught a glimpse. Under the poplar trees it's raining gold, and I'm warm. I see a pattern, a progressive decline. One day we're gonna see the death cycle unwind. All things mortal were swallowed by light. All things mortal have been swallowed by the light. I just watched you dance, through the mist and overcast. I just watched you dance and I heard the earth cry "Allah". From the foundations of the earth... My brothers and sisters, your eyes were meant to seek the face of God. Your ears to hear him in the wind. Your air blows fresh into our lungs. Is this belief or is this love? You're in our blood. You're in our blood. All praise to the giver. I got my head in THE RIVER. Once we have seen we can't forget. Our lives were lost and now we live. All praise to the giver. I got my head in THE RIVER. So as I toss and I turn in the womb of the world. I know my father's voice. I wanna to hear him clearly. I saw a river. I saw it wrap around the world, With our heads inside the flow and our feet touching the earth. So who are you? Do your steps make the world turn? Do you usher in THE NEW WORLD? Or do you sing for yourself? Break every dam. And let the water heal the arid places. Break every dam. Send seven spirits back to wander. So I am just a simple failure, but let my praises haunt these canyons. I want more than just the thought of you. I want it all, I wanna see your face.

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