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My love came back to me broken closed and confused. The second I turned away my nose started to bleed and every step I walk away I loose my chains. I loose my chains. I walked into your room. I saw you gluing on your face. I stared that demon in the eye. Feast after feast you consume but you just swallow... swallow more mouths. I need to leave. You know I cannot compete with your dreams and the flickering screen. They let you down. You lied to me. Like so many times before, we're tangled and torn. My love was dancing in the sunlight. She cut me like a rudder in the sea. I put my hand in the palm of an angel, when she turned around I saw demon's wings. Oh how these black clouds surround, I saw them pouring from her mouth. I saw her change before my eyes. You've nothing left to offer me. Your pretty face is just a ring in the snout of a pig. Give up the pig. Blessed is the one who never looks back. Hold fast like a man and walk away.

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