"I've Been Dying To Ask You" lyrics


"I've Been Dying To Ask You"

When her shade is closing by
It's difficult to explain
It's feeling so unusual all so cold
Why have I to see my life go by tonight again
Like tragic heroes do an irony so true
Is it feeling nice is everything the same (as we dreamt)
With what we used to dream
I’d die for you
Just one last time I'll fall apart
Before your eyes to make you bleed
When the knife gets through my chest
As the knife gets through my chest
You’re giving me the kiss of death
Under the sky I swear you suffer
Believe my lie I’m closing by
Can’t feel the same for you again
You’ve brought me down again
You’re always bringing me down
I won’t forget revenge be mine
Take me break me crush me forsake me
Erase me betray me fear me

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