"Eugene, I'm Still Hiding In The Closet!" lyrics


"Eugene, I'm Still Hiding In The Closet!"

That's the only time I've ever felt so alone
But now it seems I'm drowning in my thoughts
Will I ever reclaim my pride?
The world lies in front of me
As I wait for an angel to take me far away
But as the sun disappears in the sky
The darkness steals all hope
I have dreamt this many time before
I've screamed it in my sleep
Now I'll catch my dreams and sing them one by one again
I'm afraid to open up my eyes
Afraid to say the truth
Why's everything so cold?
What would you say if I told you I've changed?
Would you change for me?
Or would you kill my dream?
I've asked you not once
You've replied that killing dreams is fine
Now! If you may get the fuck off my sight and never look back
Never ask of me again
I open up my eyes and now I see the beast
That you've been hiding underneath your pretty skin
Now I'm gone
Save me some time
Don't look back and sink your sadness in the sounds of night

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