"It's Like America, But South" lyrics


"It's Like America, But South"

It's all just a game
That we have played before
For what you have put me through
This feeling of hate has scarred

If you meant the words you said
My heart might have been hard to break
This is all that I have left
But I'll stay the same

You can't make me change
There's nothing left you can take
Now my life is in flames
And you're the only one to blame

Should I have to say sorry for the things that you have done
Everything has been set in stone
But I should have been the one to leave you on your own

Now this is the part where I take back my apology
This was your fault, can't you see what you have done to me
Try to erase your mistakes, it will all be pointless in the end
When you can't even bear the fucking thought of me

Maybe I should try and get some sleep
But I fear that I will see you in my dreams
We all know that you have no regrets
But if your words were daggers, my heart would be torn to shreds

You get under my skin like its your second home
I should have known, I should have known
I should have been the one to leave you on your own
On your own

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