"I Deleted The Internet" lyrics


"I Deleted The Internet"

(When will we come to realize that this feeling will never go away
This will never change
You will never change)

You've told this story, over and over
I've heard this a thousand times before

I will fight, I will fight
If you think it's worth it
There's no time left
So decide for yourself

The sound of your voice when you're calling my name
It haunts all my dreams, I wish I had stayed awake

It kills off the silence I want back again
When your life is over, my life can finally begin

This is what we've been waiting for
All along
This is what I've been fighting for
All alone

I will fight, I will fight
'Cause it's worth it
There's no time left
So decide for yourself

I will fight for you
Never again, never again
I will fight for you, never again

You always hide behind these words of tragedy
But in all honesty
You're wearing thin

I wish I could say that I feel sorry for your poor soul
But my lack of sympathy is about as unrelenting as the center of a black hole

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