"A Cold Day In Hell, MI" lyrics


"A Cold Day In Hell, MI"

If you'd just stay, I'll be counting the days till you're gone
And you'll be praying to God that I'm wrong
You've never seen me like this
You've never shown me what exists

It's not love
Unless it hurts you now

Can I just show you what I can be?

So you'd understand, the seas are closing
and the ground is falling, but the words they stay
Would you take my hand? Or would you run away?

This is the end of the world
As the seas close in
The ships are calling
So forgive all your sins

Come on

You took this all the way, and you watched it fall away
How can you live with yourself? If you survive at all
So I just sit back, and wait for the waves

(Wait for the waves)
Wait for the waves to come, and drag you down

It's moving fast, it's coming at you
Feel it break, the shield you call your skin

It seems to slow down the scene
Feel it break, the shield you call your skeleton

How could you say this to me?
When I've known this all along
Your world's caving in, and California's going down.

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