"Throwing Hearts At Cars" lyrics


"Throwing Hearts At Cars"

Take my hand and tell me secrets
Walk down where no one can tell itâs us
Look deep into my eyes and promise
You will leave me but not just yet.
I know I could never keep you
Things of such beauty shall be free
Iâm constantly in a state of defense
I'll bide my time then strike you down!

(Down) everything will fall...
(Down) what goes up must come...
(Down) everything will fall...
(Down) this time ill hold my ground!

Until this point id never watched a summer die
So with that said will spring bear its head and open my eyes?

Oh no as winter approaches
Time has shown me nothing but how it moves the hands on the clock,
Around and around they go.
I won't try to forget you or anything you've done
You'll be the poster girl for whores around world

(In a hopeful confession he will tell you all.
Every kiss, every touch, every fuck, every whore!
In the heat of the moment she kisses his face and drowns everything
Around them!)

(Statuesque beauty is all but a lie)

Dear your reinvention is a front that you can't back!

Thanks to JimmyBee for these lyrics

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