"His Door To Breath" lyrics


"His Door To Breath"

Lets set this room on fire
The flames climb higher and higher
I can't bear to sleep here again
I can't bear to sleep here again.

Oh, I lock the door from the inside...
This is the way you wanted it to be
Oh, you look so pretty just watching
The flames burn everything to ash
(I scream but.......)

When she whispered, every word cut through his exterior
(he thinks about how many others she has tried to sell these words to, these words to)
With every touch it's hard to keep control but it's
Hard to stay involved
(his stomach turns from butterflies but there is
Where they'll stay, he's closed his door to breath)

Clap, clap

This is all he could say, a withered sentence formed beneath the sheets
"as I'm shaking I'm still clear of heart and I don't want this to ever stop"

Safe in my hands
This is all, this is all that I can take
Safe in my hands
Close your eyes and forget that we can fly


Clap, clap

Hold onto the kiss and contours of her body so tight, she doesn't
Realise it ends tonight!

Close your eyes and forget that we can fly
Just stay with me

Close your eyes and together that we can fly
Just stay with me (close your eyes)

Thanks to JimmyBee for these lyrics

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