"Layed Out" lyrics


"Layed Out"


Find out, how it feels like
being tied up to a chair with no air to breath in
So sad, sad, sad, but it's true
I'm not sorry at all for you
Tell me why you had to do this to me


In this regard I'm related to you,
you're the last one I can hang onto
I'm so hopeless, don't know the reason why
This gonna be the last request for tonight


Than I'll release you,
I'll really do


Layed out, from all those pathetic things you've done
Quit telling me that you really meant no harm
It's so Sad, sad, sad, I never knew, all along it was you
To keep all those clouds over me




Believe me it's no habit of mine
to throw so many questions at you
Just wondering how many times
were you the one to light the fuse


Thanks to xbaleex for these lyrics

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