"The Catheter" lyrics


"The Catheter"

A line of mistakes, a lifetime of misfortunes,
a road with no name where were going’s not important.
Let’s get wasted tonight and just forget about the morning,
yeah I got a lot of rum and a couple of morphines.
Are you feeling lonely is your life getting boring,
we could do another bump and I could tell you a story…
of how I'm sick of the world and I'm so sick of stupid girls.
The music industry is about to make me fucking hurl.
If I talk about what’s real will I ever really make it,
cause they’re all making millions, but they’re also faking it.
The man behind the curtain is working at his hardest
while we’re in the apartment getting fucked up retarded.
It’s too late to apologize world trade tower sized lortab lines
are getting cut out for me tonight,
so I can put and end to the shaking and the twitching of these bloody hands,
bruises and scars - just drive somewhere far and I'm jumping out the car
at any random spot I don’t give a fuck where we are.
I just need to walk and I just need to talk to myself about my health
'cause I’ve been shitting out liquor and I’ve been coughing up blood,
haven’t slept in a week and I'm holding a gun.
On this highway to hell where the roads are all closed
I mean I'm stuck in between the earth and what’s below.
Angel of death is paying me another visit
but my mother always said it’s a wicked world we live in
This whole thing’s

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