"Busted Open" lyrics


"Busted Open"

father time is
piling mountains
on my caving chest
when the rib gives
that’s what love is
blood unveils success
you may have started something here
then you disappeared
and now i’m left to my devices
no traces of an isis
as faceless as the night swims
busted open
mugged and choking
lying in the red
heart sewn back in
driving til the lights dim
forgetting what you said
i’ve been yearning for this peace
numbing sweet release
after you had your cake and left the icing
it’s amazing what the night brings
as it fades
the feel of slicing
and the birds sing
pounding my canals
hard like a timpani
you say what’s that sound
i hear a symphony
may it never leave your head
may it someday leave you dead

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