"Deadwood" lyrics



Please excuse me if I don't find
the words to make it all sincere.
I need to mull this over,
so please have patience with me.
I'm so sick of this impending silence.
This time you'll be fine,
but if you find I'm stepping on your toes
then you've got to let me know.
It's time to kick out all the deadwood
and come out of the woodwork.
We've all got our faults
but it's not my place to say so.
I'll never be ungrateful
but you've got to let me go.
So, make a fresh start
and mend the punctures from your heart.
I never wanted you to see this side unknown to even me.
I've fallen down and I've hit the ground,
and I need someone to help me to my feet.
Chemicals and obstacles keep on getting in the way
of what I'm about to say.
Help me perpetuate my feelings
because they'll never go away,
they'll only ever change.
Take me away from this obsession,
my heart won't keep you in contention,
it's too little too late
because I'll never find the words.
You'll never get it if you don't try,
you'll watch the world as it slips away from your eyes.
You'd be a fool if you keep inside
all of the thins that you think you ought to hide.
So, make a change, better make a move
and walk the world in somebody else's shoes.
Seize the day and don't be afraid
of what the vicious minds may say.

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