"Eternal Plan" lyrics


"Eternal Plan"

6-6-6 upon your head, promised fun when you're dead
You think that this world is bad, so you get caught up in the eternal fad
the way you dress is not enough so you go one step beyond
Gotta be cool, Gotta be tough
You worship all that's wrong
It's an eternal plan, a deadly sham
It's emerged out of hell
A secret order so far from the boarder, yet you persist to dwell
Most big churches today are bad
Money is their God
They feed us lies, you'll never be sad, tv religion is must a fraud
Bottom's up for the crucifix is a real cool thing to do
Burning forever in a fiery pit is not for me but it is for you
Did God take your money? Or was it that church?
Resort to Satan, be put to the torch
Follow the beast straight to hell
Think for yourself or you can gel.

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