"We Will Rise" lyrics


"We Will Rise"

We are born here. Among the slums and shit deeds. Where the sun burns and people try to make shifts. We are grown up with nothing. Playing on the streets and making rise these friendships. These deep roots which will remain pure for life. Many brothers are sunk into oblivion. So they will never come back again. But many others are still standing and fighting this war. We have faced this life of assholes. We have overcome our crushes with honour. Mistakes must be paid with pain and pain is still on our skin. But now we are reborn. And we have risen from the hell in which we were. We have come off from there. Victorious and stronger. We have decided to spend our lives. For something true and right. We live hardcore. Rage against the oppressors. Against who don't care about our rights. And about people who live on the streets day by day. This is our way to manifest our hate against who don't move a finger to help children that grew up among suffer and pain. We will rise!. In this way we will always find a sense in this odissy. Try to rise everyday. Until our dreams will became reality.

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