"The Fault Line" lyrics


"The Fault Line"

We are the enemies
quarantined to these city streets
the prospects that watched my bleed
will be the host from which I feed

I'm standing on the edge
at the end of the world
another underrated typecast
who's ready for war

So when the beat came in I led ten thousand men
which only seven survived
me, my band of brothers
the others left dead inside

I'm standing on the edge
of an apocalyptic scene
looking over every man
that stood before me

What makes your different
than anyone of those motherfuckers
who lay dead in the dirt


You can try to shake it all day
every day rid the plague go away
hypocrite cowardice anything to
numb the pain
look back and ask yourself
was it worth it is this worth it

and so it comes to this along side the fault line
I'm just shy of broken wrists and you start to apologize
I saw your heart consume with fear
and that look in your eyes
I had shed not a tear when I declined

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