"Outcast" lyrics



Featuring Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain

We're outcast for life
Born to die left to fight
Another reject another lie
No chance to win no time to shine
To this world we're outcast for life

I have no pity for you now
And this guilt wont get the best of me
And I'm sorry to say that I'm more of a man than you'll ever be

And no I wont back down this time
I'm standing up for myself and no i wont take your shit
You cant fucking expect to slip without consequence

And I'm calling you out this time
I'm calling you out mother fucker
You better run

And know I ain't perfect
And I know that I ain't worthless
I've done my time and y'all still doubt
I've held my ground
You can never break me
Hard times have made me who I am
I've seen better days but I wont complain

A day above ground is a good day
Maybe that's something you should remember
You run your mouth you pay the price
And that price is on your head

We're outcasts for life.
Call me reject scumbag worthless
It's all the same to me
They say no pain no gain
Well there must be a fucking mistake

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