"Bitter Pill" lyrics


"Bitter Pill"

My heart pumps this blood rush still; my legs numb,
My sweat drips down my face,
Clears my vision,
I battle myself,
I battle,

Keep my hands from my throat,
for this silence,
I battle myself,
I battle,

Swallow down now whole,
Bitter Pill unfolds,

I lose my surroundings and fake that; I've gained hope,

This bitter pill he swallows takes the tension,
He's lost control of his hands; control of steps,
somewhere he fears,
was almost sure; could never happen to him,
When this Pill is dissolved in his suffering body,
He'll lay there stiff and shamefully,

I see my surroundings,

(I see my surrounding)
Guilty acts laced with fear,

Tie the knots to be temporarily secure,
Guilty acts laced with fear,
Tie the knots to be...

Thanks to Kris C for these lyrics

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