"Busy Signals" lyrics


"Busy Signals"

Ain't nothing in the shadows that ain't in my heart,
So you won't have to be afraid in the dark.
Oh, now baby don't say a word,
You know they never did us good,
Oh girl, we're almost over.

Always went to town for what you have at home,
You won't have to be on guard when you're all alone.
You look so wild but you're tame at heart,
I see you on the street I'm gonna rip you apart,
Oh girl, we're almost over.

Sitting there patiently,
Watching the clock tick slowly,
Waiting by the phone, maybe I will call again.
There's just one last thing,
I say to you,
Hang up that phone baby, we're through.

And I would gladly die for you,
But busy signals won't let me get through,
Over to you,
I can't get over to you.

You like the way I look,
But your daddy found out about the things I took.
Oh girl, we're almost over,
Oh we're almost over,
My telephone lover.

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