"Make It Alone" lyrics


"Make It Alone"

All of my stuff, you know how to do
I can't just wait till I find you
I'm gonna find somewhere new
Travel a mountain away from you

And I could never see you again
I'm gonna make it on my own
I've got a gun, away from it all
Gonna make it on my own

I'll stand back and let him talk
Whatever your needed and I'm there
But not no more cause i can see


Someone else's still up lies
He's telling me that he helped you through
To appreciate the help I gave
I tried to be good but i tried to be flame


You sucked the blood from 100 veins
You don't deserve the chance to lean on
You don't deserve a helping hand
You gave me a hand but did you no wrong

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to Jorge for these lyrics

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