"I Have No Gun (But I Can Spit)" lyrics


"I Have No Gun (But I Can Spit)"

Rule by fear from their ivory tower
Rule by force from their temples of power
Remember the empire and the stories they tell
Of exploitation, slaves, and how India fell
The spirit of the empire of grand old Britain rule
Is seen with frightening regularity in the corridors of Whitehall

Millions killed in our search for glory
Millions slaughtered but that's another story
Another cover up which we choose to forget
The actors are ready, once more the stage is set
Across the water the natives are unrestful
Across the water on an Ireland once green
So we sent the army not to kill or to bully
But to keep the peace but not too peacefully

I have no gun but I can spit
I wont fight for the sick profit
I despise your empire, I deny your crown
The boat may be sinking but I wont fucking drown
I pledge no allegiance to any flag or nation
Your sick history, your greed and exploitation
I have no gun but I can spit
And I won't fight for your war profit

Shall we recapture India on Monday?

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